Drone Coders Camp

Ms. Nubian · July 9, 2022
Drone Coders Camp is a 6 week online course that gives youth the opportunity to explore STEAM education in a fun way using Game Based Learning & Project Based Learning exercises. Our online course is packed with 7 Episodes that will teach your child to BUILD, CODE, and FLY DRONES while learning STEAM Education in a fun way. Drone Coders will Learn about Drone Pilot Career and other STEAM Careers. Drone Coders will learn how to activate Growth Mindset to overcome challenges, make friends on our social learning platform, access to live lessons and more. Drone Coders Camp is Recommended for Upper Elementary, Middle School, and High School Students. Preview our course curriculum below.

Material Includes

  • Material Included (Video if available & PDF doc version)
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Target Audience: Made for Ages 12+ [7-11 year olds: Adult Supervision required]

About Instructor

Ms. Nubian

Shantel Nubian is a STEAM Educator, community organizer, and mommy of two beautiful boys. She enjoys learning and teaching and inspiring the next generation of change-makers.

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