Video Game Dev Camp

Ms. Nubian · April 25, 2023

Learn how to design & publish 2D & 3D Video Games on Unity Game Engine!


  • What is the Unity Game Engine & How To use this powerful tool
  • Install the Unity Editor for the first time
  • Create and manage projects in the Unity Hub
  • Create a portfolio, enabling you to pursue a job in real-time development
  • Cultivate professional attitudes
  • Plan your Unity learning journey by setting goals
  • Practice continuous personal and professional growth
  • Identify the default elements in a new Scene
  • Create GameObjects
  • Manipulate GameObjects
  • Work with components and Scripts
  • Change the appearance of GameObjects
  • Implement basic physics for GameObjects
  • Publish and share your video game builds on the web!

About Instructor

Ms. Nubian

Shantel Nubian is a STEAM Educator, community organizer, and mommy of two beautiful boys. She enjoys learning and teaching and inspiring the next generation of change-makers.

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